Putting the swing in cowboy and traditional music... Wilson Family String Band is a dynamic family group from Apache Junction, AZ.  They travel the US performing in venues from festivals to front porches, concert halls to city streets, charming audiences with their upbeat tunes and family interplay.

In recent news....

Lots of new experiences in the works 

We had another long summer in Cody, WY, and then got to enjoy ourselves with a road trip through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico on our way back home to Arizona.  A little bit of a detour, but we enjoyed some vacation time, camping, boating, fishing, and then great times with friends. Visited with some awesome people in Burleson and Austin,Texas, and came away with some new inspirations. Very excited to see where this new phase for our band will take us! We are back in Apache Junction, AZ for the winter, got settled in at home and school (for the kids!), and have begun rehearsals for another season with the Arizona Opry. At home, we are working on our band rehearsals, with a ton of new songs for our family shows. It is amazing how the kids' abilities are just growing with every season!

Our first week at Barleen's Arizona Opry! 

We have surely been through an intense week. Our first 4 shows at Barleen's Arizona Opry here in Apache Junction, AZ were exciting. Learning the ropes at a new theater, and all the different jobs we will be doing throughout the evening, warming up to our set on the show, and getting the whole family comfortable. Should be a blast being a part of the family at the Opry. Can't wait to see what the season will bring! 

New CD Is Now Available! 

 "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone" is now available for either downloading or you can order your own copy. Click here to download, or click here to go to our store and have it shipped to you! We are so proud of this album, it is very high-energy and swingy, just like we like it!


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